Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of terms and conditions


To use any of our services and or a third party service we provide, you must read and accept the following terms and conditions by Endinov.

We have the right to block, close and/or deactivate any account or user and possible terminate contracts with any client that violates all or any of our terms and conditions.

To avoid overloading of the server, e.g. by CGI scripts/PHPs scripts, which require substantial processing resources and an excessive amount of working memory, the user would be obliged to structure the internet website. ‘Overloading’ involves the use of the services alluded to above, and is so intense that it creates a visible and serious interruption, or even a failure, in the activities of our servers. We have the freedom to restrict the services for websites which do not meet with the above specifications accordingly.

We specifically forbids the following categories of content:
Spamming mails or webpages associated with spamming of some kind.
Some scripts that may theoretically impede the server’s work and/or interrupt it.
For dedicated servers and VPS, the following applies: the following forms of content are explicitly forbidden unless otherwise agreed:
Spamming mails or webpages associated with spamming of some kind.
IRCd, the Internet Relay Chat service.
As well as all other systems and scripts that may theoretically impede and/or interrupt the operation of other networks inside or on the internet of the our network.

Upon violation, we will be able to automatically place a ban on the webhost package and the server respectively until the  infringement has been remedied. This would also be possible if the availability or usability of other web sites on the server (in the context of web hosting packages) or of other servers inside our network is obviously compromised by the web pages/servers of the client.
In so far as we become aware that the site or package is being used inappropriately, we are allowed to block instantly any webhosting packages and servers that are being used.

If a justified block is put, the blame for the resulting violation of contractual obligations will lie with the client, not with us. Invariably, our demand to obtain remuneration will continue in place for the entire remainder of the contracted period.



We offer full and exclusive administration privileges to the client for the server that is made available to the client. Only the user has access to the individual management password of the server. We do not have access to the keys and are thus unable to handle the client’s server. This ensures that the client is purely and primarily responsible, at the customer’s own cost and expense, for managing and securing the server. It is the customer’s duty to install the necessary security software and to keep updated on newly found security holes on a regular basis and to close those gaps independently. The customer will not be relieved of this responsibility by downloading the repair systems or any applications that we prescribe or make available. The user is therefore obligated to customize the programs used by the customer to automatically boot up once the hardware or operating system is launched. The customer can help with interface improvements to the degree required and fair, e.g. by re-inputting access data or by basic adaptations of the customer’s programs.


Web, Mobile application and Mobile website Development

As a business, we always work directly with our clients in creating websites, web application or mobile application they desire. However, it is not our responsibility to provide contents for any websites we create. We are not responsible for providing articles and or images that must be on client’s website. However we do assist clients in getting contents and royalty free images for their website which some might be for sale from third party companies providing such contents.

Endinov does not create websites, web application and mobile application that contain copyrighted materials. We will not be held responsible for any copyrighted material that appears on client’s website. It is not our responsibility to check the copyright status of all website contents.

We do not create websites for illegal activities. Website created by us must not be used to perpetuate fraud or any illegal activity. Customers who use websites created by us for such activities may be reported to the appropriate authorities.
Clients are required to deposit at least fifty percent (50%) of the cost of designing website, web application and or mobile application before work will begin. The balance must be paid after the project is completed and client has approved the project.

Endinov provides free one month support for all websites, web application and mobile application that we create. This includes changes and updates. After one month, updates and any changes to any application will be at extra cost.

Clients have to up to one month to approve or reject any web application created by us. After one month, we assume clients have approved the web application and any update or change to it will be at extra cost.

If a customer decides to cancel a contract, s/he will be required to pay the cost of the web application up to where we have reached. In the situation where a customer has deposited more than fifty percent (50%) of the cost, we will deduct out cost of developing and the balance will be returned to the customer.


Refund Policy

We offer thirty (30) day money-back guarantee on all our hosting services.
The thirty (30) day money-back guarantee is valid for mobile money payments only. Due to the costs associated with processing payments made by other methods, we are not able to offer the thirty (30) day money-back guarantee for other payment methods.

A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee applies to the following services only:
1) Linux Shared Web Hosting
2) Linux Reseller Hosting

Money Back Guarantee policy does not apply to services such as: Domain Registration/Transfers, Dedicated IP, Dedicated SSL Certificate, VPS Servers, Dedicated Servers and Web Design services.

We do not offer refunds on our digital products. In case a customer is dissatisfied with any of our service, we are ready to redesign it to meet the customer’s need.  But in case the customer wants to cancel the contract, s/he will pay us up to where we have reached. In the situation where a customer has deposited more than fifty percent (50%) of the cost, we will deduct out cost of developing and the balance will be returned to the customer. However in a situation where a customer buys a product from us and the item does not meet the product description, we are ready to offer a refund.



For the purposes of its agreement with us, the customer undertakes to relieve us of all third-party responsibility for allegations arising out of the customer’s wrongful activity or due to factual defects in the details supplied by the customer. In fact, this applies to breaches of copyright law, data privacy law and antitrust law, as well as to breaches of the obligations set out above. For possible infringement of the rule, we have no duty to check the customer’s internet pages.